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    Dear friends, this journal is still in construction. I need some time to retrieve posts from our archives. In the meantime, you can visit our Instagram profile or subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair 2021

    ? Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair begins today!. Please join us for the launch of 6 new zines by Claudia de la Torre, Germana Frattini, Lou-Anna Ulloa del Rio, Yukihito Kono, Sasha Marshani and, myself Reynaldo Vásquez Rodríguez. Also –Ode to EEU- by Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki will be available at our table. ? lasinjurias.pmvabf.org? Available …

  • Fiebre Fest 2020

    Fiebre Fest 2020 (@fiebrephotobook, 13-15 November). We will be participating in the first online Fiebre Book Market with our most recent publications by Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki (@yekate), Iris Pfyffer (@acabesitos), Ksenia Mikhailova (@ukosina) and Reynaldo Vásquez Rodríguez (@reynaldo.vasquez.rodriguez). From this Friday until Sunday.⁠

  • Interview: Allyce Wood

    At first sight Allyce’s drawings made me think about ghostly things. Something about her work reminds me Miyasaki´s Princess Mononoke. I love the intricate textures and structure of her work, also she have a nice vibe. I’m not into formalities lately that´s why I ask her simple questions to know her. This interview is a …

  • From: Flores y Fantasmas → To: Las Injurias

    These images are a chronological sequence from Flores y Fantasmas beginning to end, then a few images from Las Injurias Nº 01 publication nala by agustina zelalic.

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