Abcès Tubo-Ovariens Bilatéraux — Iris Pfyffer

After being hospitalised due to a PID and driven by despair and boredom, Iris Pfyffer composed a set of images documenting her pass through Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois in December 2019.

ID: LI_25
Title: ‹Abcès Tubo-Ovariens Bilatéraux›
Content by: Iris Pfyffer
Nationality: Switzerland
Language: French

City: Spain, Querúas
First edition: 2020/05/24
Edition size: 50 – numbered
Nº of pages: 20 pg
Paper: Bond 80gr
Dimensions: 148mm x 105mm (A6)
Process: Laser (BW-Color)
Binding: Sewn Bound
Extras: Odd page
Price: 5€ (read terms)
Shipping included