Film Stills Vol. 04 – Saute ma ville, 1968 — Chantal Akerman

In 1968 Chantal Akerman inaugurates her oeuvre by blowing up her small kitchen. She later described her debut as “the mirror image of Jeanne Dielman”, in which a person who doesn’t need rules blows life’s rituals to bits. Notably absent is the mother, central motif in her oeuvre and at the heart of her last film, No Home Movie. (


ID: LI_26
Title: ‹Film Stills Vol. 04 – Saute ma ville, 1968›
Content by: Chantal Akerman
Nationality: Belgium
Language: French, English

City: Spain, Querúas
First edition: 2020/05/25
Edition size: 30 + DC – numbered
Nº of pages: 24 pg
Paper: Bond 80gr
Dimensions: 148mm x 105mm (A6)
Process: Laser (BW)
Binding: Sewn Bound
Extras: Odd page
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