Home Cinema — Claudia de la Torre

There is no need for a large, flat-panel television, nor a multi-channel surround speaker system. Just go out for a walk, or sit on a bench and observe how light projects images on the wall. It was a short fleeting moment – when the light was orange against the blue sky, 15 seconds to be precise. That exact moment when shadows seem to complete missing images and walls turn into movie screens.


ID: LI_27
Title: ‹Home Cinema›
Content by: Claudia de la Torre
Nationality: México
Language: English
City: Spain, Oviedo
First edition: 2021/02/12
Edition size: 30 – numbered
Nº of pages: 16 pg
Paper: Bond 80gr
Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm (A6)
Process: Laser (BW-Color)
Binding: Sewn Bound
Price: 8€ (read terms)