Ironing Photographs — Yukihito Kono

For the past few years, I haven’t created any photographic works that consist of personal photographs taken in everyday life. It’s because the act of exposing private lives as a subject no longer has a major impact as before in an era in which everyone “shares” their personal matters, and also I’ve been skeptical about the recent tendency of it to place too much emphasis on narratives and visual elements. For those reasons, the photographs I take on a daily basis have become mere records of something for personal purposes. These photographs in this zine were also taken as test shots last year. As a photographer who likes and has worked on autobiographical works, what I currently think I can do to regenerate the impact of everyday life is, to withdraw from such competitions and re-consider the meaning of the act of exposing everyday lives.

ID: LI_30
Title: ‹Ironing Photographs›
Content by: Yukihito Kono
Nationality: Japan
Language: English
City: Spain, Oviedo
First edition: 2021/02/15
Edition size: 50 – numbered
Nº of pages: 20 pg
Paper: Bond 80gr
Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm (A5)
Process: Laser (BW)
Binding: Sewn Bound
Price: 8€ (read terms)